With a mission centered on environmental education, wildlife conservation and the well-being of the animals, the Ecomuseum Zoo devotes itself entirely to Quebec’s wildlife. All the animals that live at the Ecomuseum Zoo have a story to tell: injured, orphaned or born under human care, they have found a safe and loving permanent home at the zoo. The well-being of the residents is the priority: everything is thought out to adapt to the needs of each animal! In a natural and enchanting setting, in the sun, don't miss your chance to make eye contact with Victor, the coyote, Pika, the River Otter, Fenwick, the Golden Eagle, or August, the painted turtle! A great activity for the whole family or with friends!

Photo credit: Willam Botka
Photo credit: Ron H Photography
Photo credit: Ecomuseum Zoo
Photo credit: Ecomuseum Zoo
Photo credit: Ecomuseum Zoo

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Photo credit: TQ - André Quenneville