A mighty river, impressive waterfalls, mountains to conquer and forests to explore… nature is generous and always changing! Set out on foot, on a bike, on horseback or on a canoe. The show is spectacular, no matter which activity you choose. Visit parks, recreation centres and outfitters: they all offer plenty of ways to recharge your batteries. Outdoor fun also means watching fascinating wildlife by the sea and on land.

National parks in Bas-Saint-Laurent

Photo credit: Patric Nadeau

A visit to any of the national parks in Bas-Saint-Laurent will be rich in discoveries, diversity and landscapes. While seals and the marine environment will be presented to you by the sea at Parc national du Bic, the story of a truly unique forest bordered by an immense lake awaits you at Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata.

Experience glamping at Station Chêne Rouge

Photo credit: Station Chêne Rouge

The Station Chêne Rouge is a glamping destination in the heart of nature, close to North Hatley and Lake Massawippi. It’s a great alternative for embracing the serenity of the outdoors and colorful landscapes, without neglecting the comfort of your stay in nature.

Adventure tourism in a breathtaking setting

Photo credit: Camille Charette-Gagné

Attitude Nordique is passionate about the outdoors and has created a sense of belonging and pride in the region. Offering various activities such as sea kayaking, via ferrata, ziplines, hiking and indoor climbing, this Baie-Comeau-based company is a reference in terms of safety, quality and sustainable tourism. It also promotes the discovery of local products by offering various packages to taste and appreciate the delights of the Côte-Nord region during outdoor activities. Attitude Nordique is an innovative, professional and original business that will make you experience the unusual!

Northern colours: a fleeting sight to behold!

Photo credit: TQ - Hooké/Stuart Davis

From September onwards, Nunavik’s tundra and taiga landscapes take on a striking palette of colours ranging from bright red to blazing orange, on land and in the sky. It’s the perfect time to go hiking, watch amazing sunsets painted across the sky and pick colourful wild berries to the soothing murmur of rivers and the song of migratory birds. The northern lights also begin to illuminate the nights in shades of purple, blue and green, adding a touch of magic to this time of year. A trip to admire the fall colours of Nunavik is a unique precursor to reconnecting with nature and soaking up the beauty of this northern region.

Escape in the heart of nature at ÉcoGîtes du Lac Matagami

Photo credit: David Mamàn

Located north of the 49th parallel, Les ÉcoGîtes du Lac Matagami offer you a getaway in the heart of the boreal forest. On the shores of the majestic Lake Matagami, the site offers many lodging options, including cottages, yurts and campgrounds. It’s a wonderful place to watch a spectacular sunset, admire the northern lights or harvest the bounty of the land, such as matsutake, a popular mushroom in Japan.

Generous nature to discover at Parc régional de la rivière Mitis

Photo credit: Dany Vachon, Tourisme Gaspésie

Totalling just over three kilometres, the eight short hiking trails in the Parc régional de la rivière Mitis invite you to observe plant life and various bird species. Take advantage of your fall hike to climb the lookout, from where you can see as far as the Côte-Nord region. The park also boasts various ecosystems, a marsh and a forest, as well as a long beach on the edge of Baie de Mitis, where you can stroll and enjoy the exceptional view of the river. Who knows, you might even spot a seal!

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