The summer solstice signals the beginning of various celebrations in the Indigenous nations in Quebec. It is a time to gather and discover the rich cultures of the First Nations. Around a large circle, witness traditional songs and dances during a Pow Wow. Discover a fascinating world of stories and legends echoed through storytelling and Indigenous literature. Performances, tastings, crafts and locally made and homegrown products will also take their place as part of this unique experience. Be sure to pay attention to announcements by the Master of Ceremonies during the events.

Indigenous gastronomy on the rise

Are you familiar with the traditional or contemporary flavours and cuisine of Indigenous Peoples in Quebec? Right now, chefs from all nations are busy feeding the hearts and bellies of curious eaters with their gourmet creations.
Indigenous Tourism Quebec highlights the food businesses, hotels and culinary artisans who offer authentic cuisine and a multitude of flavours from Indigenous cultures!


Indigenous museums and cultural sites: places of living heritage

Indigenous museums and cultural sites are living spaces, places to be proud of, where the sharing of traditions, knowledge and experiences is highlighted. Each in its own way, they offer a place of exchange between peoples, a bridge between ancestral cultures, a vibrant present and a promising future.

The Pow-Wow Trail, Indigenous festivals and events

Pow-Wows and Indigenous festivals are essential moments of gathering and sharing. These events are open to all and are a celebration of cultural pride for all ages. They offer Indigenous communities the opportunity to get together, share good times and trade knowledge.

Adventure is in our nature!

Immense and diverse, Quebec's natural environments, for thousands of years, were the places where the First Peoples lived and subsisted. Today, Indigenous people continue to cultivate a close link with the great outdoors and have become true guides to discovering it. Ancestral forests, clear streams or steep mountains: anyone who loves an adventure in nature has numerous options to explore. Why not rediscover nature through an authentic Indigenous experience?

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Photo credit: Eva Blue, Tourisme Montréal