Spas are connected to nature and its elements, and winter creates a magnificent snow-covered setting ideal for relaxation. Go for a dip in the warm and cold baths of a Nordic spa, which never fail to make you feel invigorated. From facials to body treatments to the benefits of a therapeutic massage, there's no better way to indulge, take care of yourself and put your everyday worries on hold. And if you're looking for other ways to relax, consider quiet activities, charming hotels and getaways where you simply take the time to rest.

Take a breath and a rest in the region

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Experience authentic relaxation with a well-deserved break. The region’s spas offer the perfect escape. Treat yourself to a wellness retreat at Spa Eastman, voted the best in Canada. Enjoy a Scandinavian experience at Solstice sauna as you jump into the cold waters of Lake Massawippi. Relax at Spa Nordic Station, in the heart of nature. Enjoy therapeutic care at the Dôme de Morphée. Allow yourself the luxury of recharging your batteries in these relaxing sanctuaries, where time slows down to offer you a serene interlude.

A moment just for you!

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Escape your everyday life and relax in the Laurentians, a dream destination to recharge. This relaxing break would be perfectly suited to several magical locations in the Laurentians. A Nordic spa, a cozy inn, a peaceful lake... So many places to take a deep breath and enjoy the present moment. Over the course of these Zen moments, take in the local heritage, culture, and contemporary art in the region. There are museums, workshops, and shows to discover during passionate cultural tours. With your senses awakened, it’ll be even easier to enjoy the region’s delicious flavours. Foodies can look forward to excellent menus and succulent traditional products as they pass through, making for endless gourmet pleasures to share. 

Nordik Spa-Nature: for a day of rest and relaxing

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Spend a relaxing day at Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea. At this peaceful oasis, recharge your batteries with a unique spa experience in the heart of the forest. On your own or with friends, unwind as you work your way through the thermal cycle, from the orange- and eucalyptus-scented hot sauna to the saltwater floating pool and a spellbinding ritual. While you’re there, book a relaxing massage and a detoxifying treatment. Feeling peckish after all that R&R? Eat a meal by the fire, sip a signature cocktail by the infinity pool, or warm up with a coffee on a comfy sofa. Enjoy an experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating!

Dream spas for a relaxing day under the snowflakes

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In the Montérégie region, numerous spas offer an unparalleled wellness experience. Looking to be pampered without leaving the city? Visit an open-air urban spa, offering body treatments, outdoor hot and cold baths, and more! If you’d rather have a change of scenery, choose a spa nestled in the heart of nature so you can enjoy a thermal experience in an enchanting, peaceful setting. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to find rest and serenity!

Relax in the health centers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

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Taking care of yourself is important, and that's one great reason to visit a health center in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region! It’s the perfect activity when you want to leave your routine behind and fully enjoy the benefits of relaxation. In addition to the spa installations, you can also enjoy other services offered by these health centers, like massages, facials, and manicures as well as body and beauty treatments.

Sleep under the stars and admire the night sky!

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This winter, what would you say to a stay in a “bubble” under the snow? Les pieds sur terre specializes in a wide array of whimsical accommodations that offer complete immersion in nature, including bubble pods, a hobbit house and even a nest! These well-equipped units provide everything you need for a stay that is both luxurious and rustic in style: a private hot tub, a heated mattress cover, an indoor kitchen and bathroom. The ideal spot for a romantic getaway!

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