Do you know the concept of a “workation”? Combining the words “work” and “vacation,” this term involves mixing work with pleasure, all while finding new ways to work. In partnership with Tourisme Montréal, Aire commune has nine packages and five workation routes in the downtown area, offering different options for both local workers looking for a change of scenery and international telecommuters. This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the "Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme" from Tourisme Montréal, with the financial participation of the Gouvernement du Québec.

The Aire Commune itineraries

Aire Commune's itineraries are comparable to a book of good addresses. They allow you to discover Montreal through different themes during one or several days, in group or alone, on foot or by bike. Each itinerary will highlight our finds of the best places to telework, have a coffee or a drink, eat and do other activities. Our first three tours will showcase the DNA of Montreal geographically broken down into three downtown areas: Quartier des spectacles/Chinatown, Old Montreal and Quartier Ville-Marie. Future themes will be added throughout the summer. (Website available in French only.)

Hotel packages

The new concept of the workation is characterized by tourist stays where it is possible to combine teleworking and discovering a new city! For this reason, Aire commune has teamed up with several hotel partners of different ranges in the downtown area to offer one or more nights with preferential rates. These packages also include a private or shared workspace and other small perks unique to each. Through our website, you can select the package that suits you best and get a promotional code when you make your reservation with one of our partners. (Website available in French only.)

The îlots d’été Network

The îlots d’été Network, powered by Aire commune, is a network of free outdoor workspaces. The network includes 40 spaces across Montreal, with free Wi-Fi and electricity. The facilities are specially designed to allow outdoor teleworking and are strategically located in different neighborhoods of Montreal. Aire commune is the first outdoor coworking and event site to be created in North America. The Îlots d'été network is the result of several years of expertise in the development of outdoor work spaces. (Website available in French only.)

Discover the Stations d’été

Designed to ensure a pleasant and oxygenated work experience, the stations respond to widespread video conferencing fatigue by offering work teams a safe place to meet and reconnect with the city. Equipped with all the amenities for outdoor work, while offering privacy and a personalized welcome to work teams, the stations aim to attract a local and international business clientele in the heart of downtown Montreal in iconic locations of the city. Compared to the îlots, the stations are equipped with an online reservation system offered free of charge, so that work teams can plan their visits. Visit our website to book one of our stations. (Website available in French only.)


Downtown events

This year, Aire commune is offering a summer series of four events happening in downtown Montreal on the most beautiful hotel terraces. This initiative will bridge the gap between the various hotel partners and the Montreal community. The events will take place in partnership with none other than: Osheaga, The Jazz Festival and Fierté Montréal. The series of events is intended to revive and revitalize the downtown area after more than a year of isolation and sanitary measures. The events will take place on Wednesday evenings in the form of festive happy hours with an outstanding program designed by Aire commune. (Website available in French only.)

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Photo credit: Michel Julien