As the must-see art event of the winter, the eleventh edition of the Québec City Biennial will be held from February 23 to April 28, 2024 under the theme The Strength of Sleep. The Biennial will draw its inspiration from Canadian winters and the dormant earth to delve into the multiple nuances of human sleep and awakening.

The visionary curator Marie Muracciole leads this edition, providing a unique perspective fueled by her experience. This will be an artistic journey that will cross geographic borders and explore the interconnections between cultures, while celebrating the richness of the art scene and traditional hospitality of Quebec and Canada. 

Photo credit: Pascale Leblanc Lavigne, Sculptures sur verre 2019, Bois, métal, verre, composantes électroniques, Photo credit: François Wells
Photo credit: François Morelli, Le somnambule 2005, Photo credit: François Morelli
Photo credit: Manif d’art 9 - La biennale de Québec, Si petits entre les étoiles, si grands contre le ciel, 2019. Photo credit: Renaud Philippe
Photo credit: Ateliers de médiation. Photo credit: Grégoire Defrance
Photo credit: Manif d’art 10 - La biennale de Québec, Les illusions sont réelles, 2022. Photo credit: Marc-Antoine Hallé

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Photo credit: TQ - Jean-François Hamelin