Lévis lies across the St. Lawrence River facing Québec City, blending urban sophistication, history and nature. This dynamic city is rich in history, culture and heritage, and is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers many choice spots for fine-dining experiences. A ferry links Old Québec City with Lévis’ Paquet wharf, where you’ll find a fountain that is refreshing for people of all ages.

Cycle City

Lévis's bike path network is a true playground for all levels of cyclists. Many picturesque scenes mark the 323 km of bike paths that link to the network of bordering regions. Whether you're spending the day in Lévis with family, friends, or simply out practicing your favourite sport while riding the most beautiful trails on the South Shore, there are several routes available to you.

Nature City

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Lévis's territory is home to numerous nature sites and ten large urban parks making the outdoors more accessible. Whether you want to go hiking, fat biking or mountain biking, Lévis makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities, thanks to the River and its tributaries being ever-present. Explore natural treasures such as parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, parc de la Rivière-Etchemin or Grande plée Bleue—a unique, protected peat bog stocked with a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Culture City

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Lévis boasts unique cultural venues and heritage sites of great interest which not only recount the rich history of the city, but are also located in majestic landscapes. Visitors are always impressed by their findings, whether they discover the history of the shipbuilding industry at A.C. Davie Shipyard National Historic Site, the built heritage of Parcours Village Saint-Nicolas, or the foundations of the Desjardins cooperative movement in Old Lévis or the Lévis Forts National Historic Site.

Gourmet City

When visiting Lévis, palates are not left wanting. Culinary delights can be found in the gastronomic experience and street food, as well as in the promotion of local products. Delightful discoveries emerge when visiting markets and producers from the Chemin de la Fraîcheur, Vignoble Le Nordet, Ferme Phylum, Marché Ostara, and many more businesses offering treats for a perfect complement to a stay in Lévis.

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