The heart of Monteregie is a must-see agritourism destination. A mere 30 minutes from Montréal, discover landscapes that invigorate and comfort. Experience the uniqueness of the region and share a smile with a farmer. Travel the roads by car or bike and follow your inspiration. Treat yourself to cider, wine, fruit and delicacies. The land is as generous as the artisans who call it home. At the heart of Montérégie, true happiness awaits you. With a map in hand or on an adventure tour, stock up on homegrown products and some memorable moments.

Here, we bottle euphoria!

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Imagine savouring a thousand and one varieties of ciders and wines while admiring apple trees in bloom or the splendour of autumn colours. To enrich the experience, share the passion and family traditions of the region’s artisans. Return home with award-winning products that will enhance mixologists’ cocktails and amaze your guests.


Here, we pick freshness!

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Take advantage of nature and pick your own apples, as well as a wide variety of fruit and vegetables directly at the source. Visit farms and learn how animals are raised. Return home with ingredients sure to amaze the most demanding epicurean: prepared dishes, candied preserves, jams and homemade marinades. A land waiting to be explored!

Here, we enjoy life to the fullest!

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Feel like making the most of the region? Travel along 40 km of bicycle paths amid idyllic scenery. Outdoor enthusiasts, revel in sports that combine fun and breathtaking views: windsurfing, golfing and hiking. Tired? Relax in a spa or sleep at an inn.

Here, we take the road to pleasure!

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Enjoy a road trip made just for foodies or learn more about the region’s heritage. Wine and spirits lovers, travel along the Cider Route and the Wine Route that stretch across this magnificent region. History buffs will adore the Route du Richelieu.

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