An absolute must-see, the Québec City region is steeped in history and generous in nature. The Old Québec district is known for its historical appeal as well as its heritage sites, museums and cultural attractions. Parks, mountains and outdoor centres just a short drive from the heart of the city invite thrill-seekers to enjoy all kinds of activities.

So much outdoor fun in the Jacques-Cartier Valley

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 Located 30 minutes from Old Québec City, the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is a jewel of nature for outdoor activities and adventure. Hiking, plant and wildlife discovery activities, minirafting on the river, fishing, riding a mountain bike through the valley… all of that is possible at this amazing park! In addition, there are a number of lodging options for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay longer and make the most of the spectacular environment!

A historic gem to discover on Cape Diamond

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The Citadelle of Québec –Royal 22e Régiment Museum is accessible to all and promises a memorable experience. Accompanied by a guide, you will dive into the heart of the most important British fortress in North America and admire the spectacular view of Québec City and the river. The museum hosts several captivating exhibitions, including Je me souviens, which tells of the epic story of the "22" through key moments of its history. Be sure to check out the special exhibition all about the regiment’s music, featured until October 2023.

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