Whether you’re cycling, driving, out on the water or wearing your hiking boots, Portneuf is bursting with treasures. Ancestral homes, religious heritage, public art, pop-up exhibitions, ruins or installations that bear witness to the region’s industrial past — you need only open your eyes to discover them at every turn. Here are a few ways you can experience culture differently on your summer getaway in Portneuf.

Simply art and culture

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With Neuville, Cap-Santé and Deschambault-Grondines, the region boasts three of Quebec’s most beautiful villages, which offer the authentic beauty of their built heritage and exceptional landscapes. Park your car or leave your bike at the church, then visit the village centres and discover their treasures! Whether in a wharfside photo exhibition in Portneuf or a natural landscape that beckons your admiration, we are surrounded by art and culture from the past to the present. Yours to discover!

Cultural treasures along the Chemin du Roy

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Gracing the shores of the majestic St. Lawrence River, the Chemin du Roy (“King’s Road”) was the very first roadway in North America and is one of Quebec’s most emblematic tourist routes. In the Portneuf region, the route winds along 76 kilometres through five municipalities, including some of the most beautiful villages in Quebec. Exploring it means discovering its people, places, history and local flavours, all the while immersed in its beauty. Here are just a few of the must-see cultural attractions along the Portneuf section of the route.

Explore Portneuf through its museums

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Travelling through the region of Portneuf is, of course, synonymous with marvelling at the beauty of the land, the St. Lawrence River, the mountains and the fertile soil. It’s also about stepping back in time as you pass by mills, churches and ancestral homes. During the summer season, you can visit these places to learn about their history or discover the local contemporary artists and craftspeople. This summer, explore the cultural wealth of Portneuf in its museums and cultural venues.

Cultural events this summer

Portneuf is dynamic, creative and forward-looking, and the locals love showing what they’re made of. The region is proud and its craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses work synergistically to develop an unrivalled array of cultural activities. This summer, a host of festivals, symposia, events and themed days will dazzle your eyes and ears with music, comedy, visual arts and much more. Here’s a taste of what’s in store this summer.

Top hiking spots in Portneuf

Whether you fancy an expedition for a few days in the local mountains, taking a stroll along the banks of a majestic river or exploring the wetland and shores of the St. Lawrence, the hiking possibilities in Portneuf are endless. On the banks of the St. Lawrence, the stretching farmland and the Laurentian Plateau, cultural heritage has forged Portneuf’s regional identity and character for ages. With hundreds of kilometres of trails for all levels and tastes, you are sure to enjoy an unbeatable experience in the region.


A unique canyoning experience and adventure in Vallée Bras-du-Nord!

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Quebec as a whole is brimming with natural treasures to explore, and canyoning is one of the most exciting activities for adventure seekers. So what is canyoning all about? It’s a sport involving descending cliffs and waterfalls using a rope (rappelling) and hiking along a riverbed. If you’re thirsting for a thrilling outdoor experience, look no further. Plunge into the action with Vertaco — a local company and a leader in canyoning in Quebec — to discover the hidden beauty of Vallée Bras-du-Nord’s breathtaking rock formations.


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