Nunavik is a vast pristine territory of over 500,000 km2 located above the 55th parallel. Its name means "great land" in the Inuit language. The Torngat Mountains, home of Quebec's highest peak, create a prime habitat for caribou as well as a great challenge for hikers and climbers. Nunavik is also a dream region for hunters and fishers in search of new experiences and a change of scenery, thanks to many outfitters on the land.

The magic of the North at Parc national des Pingualuit

Photo credit: Heiko Wittenborn

Located in the heart of the Ungava plateau, this park is an exceptional place to catch a view of the Northern Lights. Discover the spectacular 1.4-million-year-old meteoritic crater of Pingualuit with the purest clear blue water in the world. In the company of Inuit guides, explore the almost-lunar landscapes, between lake and rivers, canyons and valleys. Located 2 hours away by plane from Montreal, the park is open summer and winter for hiking, trekking, canoeing and kayaking, discovering Inuit culture. The vast expanses of the park lend themselves particularly well to the observation of nature and wildlife.

The splendour of Nunavik with Inuit Adventures

Photo credit: TQ - Hooké/Stuart Davis

Inuit Adventures is dedicated to providing adventurers with meaningful experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in the natural and cultural heritage of Nunavik and to meet with village elders and artists eager to share the contemporary traditions of their communities. Inuit Adventures works with 14 cooperatives in Nunavik that each offer a comfortable hotel and create experiences in collaboration with local Inuit guides who are intimately connected to their communion and land. An absolutely authentic and safe experience that showcases the very best of the region.

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