Nunavik is a vast pristine territory of over 500,000 km2 located above the 55th parallel. Its name means "great land" in the Inuit language. The Torngat Mountains, home of Quebec's highest peak, create a prime habitat for caribou as well as a great challenge for hikers and climbers. Nunavik is also a dream region for hunters and fishers in search of new experiences and a change of scenery, thanks to many outfitters on the land.

Animal-watching beyond the 55th parallel

Photo credit: TQ - Heiko Wittenborn

While Nunavik lends itself perfectly to adventure, the region is also ideal for animal encounters. The polar bear, which can be seen from late July to early September, reigns as the true king of the Arctic. A stay in the region is also the chance to see a whole diversity of species, both on land and in the water. In addition to musk oxen, caribou, tundra wolves, snow partridges, foxes and Arctic hares, you also have the chance to observe impressive marine wildlife in its natural habitat, including walruses, belugas and seals, not to mention numerous migratory birds, including a large colony of guillemots.

Paddling out to see northern landscapes

Photo credit: TQ - A.Poulin/Facing Waves

If you have a thirst for adventure, whitewater rafting can be an excellent way to soak up the beauty of Arctic landscapes. Nunavik's rivers, such as the George and Koroc, offer challenges for seasoned paddlers, but are also accessible to novices, who can count on the help of experienced guides to make the most of this adventure. As they make their way through rapids and currents, nature lovers will be immersed in a spectacular environment of valley glaciers, towering mountains and vast expanses of taiga and tundra.

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