You don’t have to travel far to get a host of emotions and experiences! In Montérégie, soar in a hot air balloon, recharge your batteries at a spa, meet different animals, kayak through the canals, and enjoy quality wines in a charming ambiance. Montérégie offers a world of possibilities to discover close to home!

Discovering local flavors

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Known as the Garden of Quebec, Montérégie delights with its diverse flavors. Exploring its vineyards, cider houses, microbreweries, cheese factories, bakeries, farms, public markets, and restaurants offers the chance to meet passionate artisans eager to share their knowledge. Across the region, exquisite discoveries and tastings await!

Exploring the region by bike

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With over 1,000 km of routes, including 640 km of mostly paved and exclusive right-of-way bike paths, Montérégie boasts the largest cycling network in Quebec. Suitable for all skill levels and perfect for families, these trails wind through diverse landscapes and feature culinary and cultural stops. From day trips to multi-day loops, a variety of routes are available, complemented by services such as luggage transportation and packages to enhance your exploration.

Exploring the great outdoors

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Close to Montreal, Montérégie draws both adventurers and families with its accessible national and regional parks and nature centers, ideal for peaceful hikes. The area is dotted with numerous beaches and offers a variety of water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, electric surfing, cruises, and excursions. Camping and glamping also provide excellent opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

For a perfect getaway

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Montérégie offers a wide choice for those seeking discoveries, relaxation, entertainment, and comfort. Whether it’s indulging in a culinary experience that delights your taste buds, unwinding at a spa to recharge, or engaging in an outdoor or cultural activity to enrich your stay, the region promises the perfect escape for a weekend alone, with a partner, or with family. With a range of accommodations from urban to rural settings, everything is in place to make your stay remarkable. It’s time to plan your next adventure in Montérégie!

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