Considered the food pantry of Quebec, the Montérégie region offers tasty discoveries thanks to its cider houses, vineyards and gourmet stores, all year long. National parks and nature centres are ideal for a wide range of activities. With more than 640 km of accessible and safe bicycle paths for the whole family, your senses will be awakened no matter which route you choose. Montérégie is also hundreds of kilometres to explore by boat, kayak, canoe and paddleboard. As for the many historical sites, these gems invite you to travel back in time!

The world of agriculture at La Ferme Guyon

Photo credit: Tourisme Montérégie, Ferme Guyon

The Guyon Farm is a place of awareness, learning and discovery where visitors can find a wide range of horticultural products and foods that are locally grown or made on site. A visit allows visitors to better understand the reality of the agricultural world and to learn about the various stages of food processing. There is also a section with more than 500 butterflies, either local or from elsewhere, swirling around freely inside the specially designed aviary. A joy for all ages!


Indigenous culture at the Maison amérindienne

Photo credit: Tourisme Montérégie, Maison amérindienne

The Maison amérindienne, located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, offers a variety of activities for the whole family. The exhibits will fascinate you, as well as the tales around the fire, the nature tour on biodiversity and the dreamcatcher workshops. On site is the Salon Riopelle, which invites you to contemplate the magnificent works of the exceptional painter Jean-Paul Riopelle. Don't forget to stop by the boutique to pick up some beautiful handcrafted objects or a delicious sugar pie from café Le Mishtan!

Photo credit: Arbraska, Tourisme Montérégie

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