Snowy expanses as far as the eye can see, forming a magical landscape—a winter setting that fits the Laurentians like a glove. The bracing air, the blazing sun, and the ephemeral beauty of snowflakes swirling in the wind turn it into a veritable winter wonderland.

Exhilarating skiing in the Laurentians  

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As the birthplace of downhill skiing in North America, the Laurentians have a close connection with this special sport, not least because they are the perfect setting for it. It’s no coincidence that there’s so much character to be found in each ski resort. The array of options is such that beginners and experienced skiers alike are sure to find what they’re looking for. In total, there are no fewer than 12 resorts to choose from! There is really something for all tastes and preferences. The runs are impressively varied, sometimes even within the same resort. This diversity goes hand in hand with one-of-a-kind opportunities for night skiing—a distinct specialty for which the Laurentians are renowned. Skiing in the Laurentians means choosing an acclaimed Quebec location, worthy of a special getaway.

The best for outdoor enthusiasts!

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A leading winter destination, the Laurentians region is a permanent invitation to get outside and play. It must be said that, between the heavy snowfall, the magical landscapes, and the variety of outdoor activities available, there are countless ways to get something out of it. From alpine hiking to dogsled outings, not to mention cross-country skiing, fatbiking, and snowshoeing, there’s no shortage of ways to be at one with the winter flora and wildlife on the territory. Whether you’re hungry for adventure or just want to get some fresh air, there’s a common denominator: the sublime setting of the Laurentians.

Relaxation, Culture, and Gourmet Pleasures

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Escape your everyday life to go relax in the Laurentians. It’s a dream destination to recharge. This relaxing break would be perfectly suited to several magical locations in the Laurentians: a Nordic spa, a cozy inn, a peaceful lake... So many places to take a deep breath and enjoy the present moment. Over the course of these Zen moments, take in the local heritage, culture, and contemporary art in the region. There are museums, workshops, and shows to discover during passionate cultural tours. With your senses awakened, it’ll be even easier to enjoy the region’s delicious flavours. Foodies can look forward to excellent menus and succulent traditional products as they pass through, making for endless gourmet pleasures to share. 

Where to stay in the Laurentians?

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How great to be warm and cozy in first-rate lodgings when the first winter chill sets in! When evening arrives after a long day enjoying the wonders of the season, it’s good to lie down in comfy surroundings with a unique charm. A Laurentian winter holiday has a wide selection of lovely spots to spend a delightful, relaxing night. Vacationing there is at its best, with recreation areas where you can immerse yourself in a landscape that’s full of enchantment this time of year. The choice is yours! With resorts, log cabins, mountain retreats, outfitters, small inns and high-end hotels to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Laurentian holiday spot.

Winter Package Deals and Offers

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Break away from your routine this winter with a trip to the Laurentians! Choose from a range of package deals and offers for family vacations, romantic getaways, or outings with friends or colleagues. Make the most of this festive season in the Laurentians with a host of great packages and discounts. From lodging to outdoor activities, spas, and restaurants, these great offers are just one more reason to treat yourself to a Laurentian winter getaway. Start planning your holiday today!

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