A region of a thousand faces, Lanaudière is defined by the fresh air of the mountains, the bucolic charm of the countryside and the liveliness of its towns and villages. In winter, hikers, skiers, snowmobilers and dogsledders are invited to get closer to nature and the great outdoors. Lanaudière is also full of attractions that appeal to both culture lovers and foodies in search of flavours.

Sleep under the stars and admire the night sky!

Photo credit: Hébergement Les Pieds sur Terre

Be among the very first to enjoy a stay in the brand new Orion bubble under the snow! Unveiled since last fall only, this latest unit from Les pieds sur terre (specializing in a wide array of whimsical accommodations) offers complete immersion in nature. It is entirely transparent and accessible even in winter. Everything has been designed to provide a unique experience, thanks to a private spa, a mattress heater, a pet-friendly policy and access to an indoor kitchen and bathroom. The bubble is also isolated from other campsites, offering you privacy and comfort. Ideal for a romantic stay! (New! No winter photo available.)


Discover the flavours of Val Notre-Dame Abbey

Photo credit: Val Notre-Dame Abbey

Step into the forest at the Val Notre-Dame Abbey for a BBQ and nature walk, a brunch or even a special gourmet workshop. Foodies have so many activities to choose from to combine a visit to this religious site with discoveries of homegrown flavours. A brand new yurt has been set up where you can participate in cooking workshops right in the forest around the abbey and learn about forest edibles. And you won’t want to miss the sugar shack menu come spring: baked beans in fir syrup, omelets with forest spices and much more will make your mouth water! 

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