An escape to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine (or Magdalen Islands) comes with a total change of scenery. The immaculate white landscapes panoramas invite you to practise original and intriguing activities, such as snowkiting or the unique experience of watching harp seal pups. These islands are also renowned for their hospitality as well as tourist attractions centered on their very own culture, arts and food.

Discover the winter scenery of the islands on a fatbike

Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis

That’s right: it is possible to explore some of the Magdalen Islands on a fatbike (a bicycle with oversized tires) in the winter. Whether you head out on the beaches or on the trails, it’s a unique way to see the winter scenery of the islands cloaked in white, with family or friends. This winter, treat yourself to an original two-wheeled adventure and marvel at the unique beauty of the Magdalen Islands!

For comforting treats at any time of year: L’Îlot Café-Buvette

Photo credit: L’Îlot Café-Buvette

Located just a few steps from the ferry and open year round, L'Îlot Café-Buvette is the perfect place to enjoy a good specialty coffee or Quebec microbrewery beer in a friendly atmosphere. The owners at this friendly café show that they care about the environment and support local businesses. The mostly vegan menu of delicious sandwiches, salads and pastries is prepared with love. This is truly a welcoming place where you can take a break for a drink and a bite to eat! (Website available in French only.)

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