An escape to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine (or Magdalen Islands) comes with a total change of scenery. The immaculate white landscapes panoramas invite you to practise original and intriguing activities, such as snowkiting or the unique experience of watching harp seal pups. These islands are also renowned for their hospitality as well as tourist attractions centered on their very own culture, arts and food.

 Go on an adventure at the Parc de Gros-Cap 

Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis

In winter, the Magdalen Islands offer a complete change of scenery. The quietness of the area makes it seem even more vast, with large expanses of ice all around. Parc de Gros-Cap is a place where you can go hiking, skating on the ponds, fatbiking on the hardened beaches and snowkiting (also called traction kiting) on the frozen lagoons. Accommodations are available for anyone wanting to stay longer and make the most of the superb view of the sea!


Watching whitecoats: a unique experience in the world!

Photo credit: D.I. Jeske

Every year in early March, hundreds of thousands of harp seals give birth to their pups, called whitecoats, on the ice floes surrounding the Magdalen Islands. In a magnificent winter setting, the spectacular landscape of snow and ice comes alive with the presence of this huge herd. The calm of the ice floe and the silence of winter interrupted by the songs of these seals with their tender gaze is an increbibly moving sight!


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