The beauty of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine (or Magdalen Islands) is as rich as the hearts of the people who call this region home. The wonderful multicolored houses, the beaches of fine sand and the islands’ local products inevitably amaze visitors. The main activities around the islands include cruises, sailing, hiking and seabird-watching.

Adventure in the Magdalen Islands

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Discover the secrets of the archipelago by opting for a sea kayaking trip at Gros-Cap park, located in the Magdalen Islands. The park exploits the natural site of Gros-Cap in order to offer the population and visitors of the Islands a unique vacation living environment. The park includes a pleasant campground, a dynamic and welcoming inn, exhilarating sea adventures and vibrant historical testimonies. A place for a complete change of scenery!

A taste of the Islands

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The Pied-de-Vent cheese factory, located in the enchanting setting of Havre-aux-Maisons, is the third ECONOMUSÉE to open its doors in the Magdalen Islands. Its artisans, Jérémie and Lucie Arseneau, offer you, in addition to their famous Pied-de-Vent cheese, the Tomme des Demoiselles and the Jeune Coeur. These cheeses are made from whole raw milk, without chemical additives, from a single dairy herd fed on the islands' terroir. The cows are definitely the real stars there. Take the tour to learn the secrets of making these authentic, organic products.

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