This summer, let the Haut-Richelieu enchant you with its unique experiences! From nautical discoveries and cycling escapes to local festivities and cultural getaways, our region promises captivating moments. Get ready for enriching days that will fascinate both adventurous spirits and those seeking relaxation.

Go on a gourmet picnic tour

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Craving a gourmet getaway close to Montreal? Discover Haut-Richelieu, a region where local products and artisans shine. From traditional cheese factories to craft breweries and award-winning vineyards, each visit unveils a palette of flavors. Arrange a gourmet picnic with one of the region’s dedicated circuits. Wander through public markets, visit farms to pick fresh fruits, and relax in parks and green spaces for a moment of leisure on a blanket sharing your finds. Restaurants and bars boast charming terraces. Let the abundance and authenticity of the area near the Lac Champlain enchant you, just an hour from Burlington.

Cycle your way through the region

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If you’re looking for a biking outing, head to the scenic 300 km of bike paths in Haut-Richelieu, leading you from Montreal to Vermont. The region’s cycling routes, suitable for all levels including e-bike enthusiasts, offer everything from peaceful rides to sporting challenges. Each road promises stunning views and a memorable local experience. Explore historical sites along the way and connect with nature. Take advantage of the “Cyclists Welcome” accommodations, including campgrounds, B&Bs, and hotels, perfect for extending your adventure. Get started and discover Haut-Richelieu on two wheels! Perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer journey.

Get ready for a summer of festivities!

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Summer is synonymous with festivities in the Haut-Richelieu region, starting with “A summer SHOW” in July. Enjoy concerts by emerging artists, musical picnics, and yoga sessions. Then, the highlight is the International Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in August, featuring concerts by stars like Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, and Charlotte Cardin, in a festive atmosphere complete with fairground rides and diverse food trucks. Don’t miss the magical experience of watching the balloons light up the sky. The season wraps up with the joyful “La Boom de l’été.” Experience an unforgettable summer along the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain!

Enjoy time on the water to cool off on hot summer days

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Navigate from Montreal to the United States via the splendid Richelieu River and Lake Champlain, a route dotted with marinas stretching to Venise-en-Québec, a summer hotspot on the lake’s shore. The region offers a variety of nautical activities, from thematic cruises to diverse rentals: kayaks, canoes, paddleboards… and even electric surfing that’s a must-try! Opt for a more festive experience with pontoon rentals among friends. Try kite surfing, admire the boaters, and get started with windsurfing. Haut-Richelieu is your summer destination for memorable adventures on the water.

Visit the region’s historic sites, indoors and outdoors

Photo credit: Jessyca Viens Gaboriau

The Haut-Richelieu region offers an interesting array of cultural and heritage riches, with several monuments, historical and religious sites to explore, both during the day and at special evening events or illuminations. Don’t miss Fort Lennox, a recently reopened historical gem, accessible only by boat. This restored fortress, complete with a modernized museum, promises a fascinating immersion into Quebec history. For an artistic touch, explore the numerous art galleries and local craft shops in the region. And on hot days, museums and interpretation centers provide a cool, cultural refuge.

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