With its series of hills and valleys and flamboyant postcard landscapes, the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route is a ravishing region to visit in the fall. From September to October, 22 winegrowers await you in the festive, feverish and warm atmosphere of the harvest. Fasten your seatbelt and hit the road for this unique time of the year!

Experience the harvest

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Grape-harvesting season runs from September to October and is the time of the year when vineyards take on a festive atmosphere. You will truly enjoy being in the Eastern Townships at this particular time to get a behind-the-scenes tour, immerse yourself in the harvest experience by taking part in grape-picking activities, or treat yourself with gourmet delights and epicurean activities. There are so many possibilities! 

A road trip that explores the Prohibition era

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Brome-Missisquoi may be the birthplace of viticulture in Quebec, but it is also in that same region where the first temperance movements in the country began. Long before the Wine Route became one of primary tourist attractions in the Eastern Townships, the region’s border roads were a bustling hub for hundreds of thousands of amateurs of beer, whiskey and other moonshine liquor during the different prohibition periods in the 19th and 20th centuries. Follow the 130 km of the Prohibition Heritage Trail and discover, through interpretation panels and audio clips, the characters, stories and various places that marked the era of prohibition and temperance.

Enjoy a change of scenery for a weekend

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There's nothing better than taking your time to really soak up the Wine Route and the festive atmosphere of the harvest. Vineyards, restaurants, microbreweries, boutiques… book accommodations in the area and allow yourself to take your time to make the most of what the region has to offer. Don’t know where to start? Several itineraries are available, including Le Gourmand, which highlights local discoveries and Brome-Missisquoi's culinary know-how.

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