The warm colors of fall create a magical environment for your visit at Parc Safari! Enjoy a wonderful day as you get acquainted with the giraffes at the Afrika Terrace, take a car ride through Safari Adventure to meet zebras, camels, waterbucks and addax, stroll through the Olduvai Walkway to see cute macaque mothers and their babies, and so much more! For those with a curious mind, the Discovery Pavilion presents an exhibition on natural sciences and the evolution of life on Earth, enriched with a huge collection of minerals, fossils, insects, sand and seashells from all over the world. At the Animalium, you will see a collection of 70 naturalized animals and learn about the critical issues of climate change and overhunting/poaching, which are affecting the species represented and reducing their numbers dramatically. Don’t miss out!

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Photo credit: TQ - Jean-François Hamelin