If you’re looking for a powerful rush or awesome fun with the family, come to Mont Rigaud!

Prepare for excitement, ready to surpass yourself physically and mentally. Standing several meters in the air, you can put your muscles, your agility and your endurance to the test over suspension bridges, Tarzan ropes, lianas, monkey bridges, swings and ziplines. Conquer many challenges while screaming with joy and amazement.

Toddlers can also have the best time exploring the suspended cabins in the Village Arbre-en-Ciel trees. It’s a network of tree houses built in the forest and connected by net walkways. Kids’ imaginations will soar on the mini-ziplines, the beginners’ obstacle courses, suspended houses, 7 cabins, 3 slides, plus tons of games on the ground.

Village Arbre-en-ciel, adventure circuits in the trees, extreme circuit – La Rafale, mega-zipline, night circuit and hiking… what challenges are you up for?

Photo credit: Sébastien Durocher
Photo credit: Mike Pochwat

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Photo credit: TQ - Jean-François Hamelin