As a special activity for Spring Break, the Observatoire de la Capitale is offering hourly guided tours so you can admire the 360° view and learn more about the history of the capital and its attractions. The 40-minute tour focuses on a few points of interest for each side.

Open your eyes wide! The Observatoire offers a spectacular view of the city, its maze of streets, the majestic St. Lawrence River, and its two mountain ranges. It’s the highest and best view of Québec City!

With Horizons, you’ll learn about historical and cultural events that have shaped Quebec’s identity and you’ll wrap up your tour with a breathtaking immersive experience.

Photo credit: CCNQ - Valérie Busque
Photo credit: CCNQ - Les Festifs
Photo credit: CCNQ - Marie-Christine Vézina
Photo credit: CCNQ - Jade Bouchard
Photo credit: CCNQ - Jade Bouchard

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Photo credit: TQ - Jean-François Hamelin