Familizoo is above all an animal shelter for exotic wildlife and Canadian wildlife. Its mission is to inform the public about the importance of the conservation of our very great natural wealth, which is the fauna and its inhabitants, as well as the protection of animal species throughout the world. Familizoo offers visitors a unique and educational experience thanks to professionals dedicated to the animal world and with passionate employees. Several animals with vision problems, hair loss or malnutrition have been welcomed to Familizoo to receive the care necessary for their health. Enjoy a nature trail, open every day, that takes about 2 hours to visit, with friends or family and an incomparable proximity to animals that are just as impressive as they are endearing.

Photo credit: Adrien Tamburini
Photo credit: Johanne Tarrene
Photo credit: Johanne Tarrene

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Photo credit: TQ - Jean-François Hamelin